About CAM4 Webcam Platform

  • there is a great plenty of the hottest models for any taste and any sexual preferences;
  • the search engine of the CAM4 gold profile is equipped with the many sorting options, so you will be able to generate the most unbelievable options;
  • the resolution of the equipment is great and you will not ever find any videos shot with the quality lesser than just HD cameras (which is frequently quite impossible with the other CAM4 alternative platforms);
  • good functionality of the platform will deprive you of any irritation and will lead you to the uttermost satisfaction ever;
  • the great choice of tools and options is provided in the free mode of the site (which is also quite complicated to find with the web platforms similar to CAM4);
  • you will have a perfect ability to watch the top webcam models for free;
  • there is also a perfect functioning mobile support, which you can easily get in touch with in order to resolve any issues related to the work of the site.

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CAM4 website for webcams and webcam shows for adults is fairly referred to the ones, which have had incredible reputation and authority throughout the whole history of their existence. In addition to this, CAM4 is known to exist from time immemorial. So, you—of course, if kidding only—can really claim that the webcam site has existed since the very creation of the world! Why? Just because it is really amongst the pioneers of the webcam industry! From the very beginning of online sex sites! Old and even older! So, ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to investigate, analyze, and review the famous Cam4! Yeah! Woohoo!

So, let’s see if the website is really official and if it was registered in a proper way, so that you would be at least somehow sure that you will not be scammed when paying for its services! So, Memigo possesses the following data about the CAM4 info of the website and the company, which registered it, and these are as follows,

  • The geolocation of the CAM4 site is as follows, US (United States), MI, Michigan, 48334 Farmington;
  • The year of the CAM4 site creation is 1999;
  • The CAM4 site was registered by Granity Entertainment DAC;
  • The site has always been owed by Granity Entertainment DAC;
  • The company’s address (and the site registration address) is 23 Seafield Road, Blackrock, A94 X2P6 Dublin;
  • In order to stay in touch with the company and the CAM4 site administration, you can dial the phone number: +353.4370059.

Well, it seems that everything’s official and you can really know where you can direct your issues and claims just in case of any trouble as for the work of the site and the functionality of the tools!

For now, we would love to step aside and move to some kind of romantic impressions about CAM4. In compliance with the extremely innumerable users’ CAM4 reviews, they adore this resource, because it has been taking care of them every time when they wanted to have some pleasant impressions and experiences of adult character. And, do you know what is particularly great about the CAM4 webcam platform? The fact that when you go in, they will ask you what you want to see, girls, guys, shemales (and/or transgenders), or all the cams possible. They do not want to disturb your eyes or—what could have been even worse—they are not about to waste your time for the unnecessary questions! We mean, what kind of straight man would want to look at the dick? So, just have to make your choice and click the button. Like this! The progress of the webcams on CAM4 is great, since you will have access to the diverse cams, and you will have the choice!

So, if you don’t even want to spend time for searching for something in peculiar, you can use the specially designed function. What is it? The section of ‘Webcam in the trend’ will assist you, in any case! Memigo thinks that the cameras are sorted by the number of viewers. The first cam room in this section is the most popular at the time of your visit. In a few minutes another room may take its place if it increases the number of viewers.

However, there are even more cooler features, which will make you hot when you use them. For instance, the sidebar will allow you to filter webcams by gender, sexual preferences (and/or orientation), body type, hair color, ethnicity, etc. Memigo would like to give a few examples of body types that you can access using the drop-down menu: athletic, average, thin / miniature,  more than average or large. If we are talking about hair color, it is obvious that you are waiting for blondes, brunettes, redheads and so on. Quite easy to use, isn’t it?

Each camera will have a thumbnail with a screenshot of the room. You are also waiting for the name of the model in front of the webcam, their nationality and the number of people peeping on inside. You can use this information to make your further choices. If you want to chat, you will need to register an account. But—herein—have no worries! No worries at all—it is absolutely free of cost, so feel free to do it.

Cam4 is built on a system that uses tokens, and Memigo will detect the costs, which you are supposed to release in order to purchase the tokens. Also, we will tell you what the tokens are needed for! A lot of fun is already waiting for you in the free mode of the CAM4 webcam site, but if you want to thank the models, then tip them the tokens. Believe, you’ll be all ears in love with the most unbelievable and perfect models of the cam site! Indeed!

So, what are the key features of the CAM4 USA cam site?

  • you can opt for the webcams by females and males, and the couples;
  • the site ensures and supports that there are numerous webcam rooms of the transgenders;
  • the option of the same sex webcam shows is also built in;
  • you can filter the search with the CAM4 live webcam so that you can have no limitations in gaining your gratification;
  • the CAM4 site supports both free of price and paid functions;
  • the paid functions are limited to the tokens, which you are expected to purchase in order to tip the models;
  • with the tokens you will be able to control the actions by the model, and, as a result, you will obtain what you wanted to have.

In general, Memigo has a strong conviction that the CAM4 adult webcam site will let you feel something quite special, what you could have never had before! So, why not test it all? We’re sure you will like it!

Let’s move further now, since we have some more data to narrate,

  • CAM4 models can be more accessible with the mobile version of the site;
  • Of course, if you really need the exact CAM4 app, you will not find it ever, however, you will be able to use the special app designed by CAM4;
  • The name of the app is C4 Broadcaster, which functions well with both CAM4 Android and CAM4 iPhone, but it would suit the models more than the viewers;
  • When accessing the mobile version of the site, you will easily have the same functions as the web version suggests.

So, guys, if you really want to have the most outstanding experiences, you will have to try CAM4 out in order to have a chance to compare how the website is different from any other web platform! Make your CAM4 life with the very this webcam site!

Discovering More About CAM4 Live Webcam

A distinctive feature of the CAM4 USA site is that the most shows take place in a free chat. It is paid by tips by numerous viewers on a voluntary basis and, what is more, it goes regardless of the duration of the show. This CAM4 adult site format may suit those who feel awkward when receiving a reward in advance.

What kind of chats can you encounter and, as a consequence, take part in?

  • Open chat (including spying) is available to anyone, including non-registered users;
  • Public chat. This is the most popular format on CAM4. Its main goal is to attract as much audience as possible to its broadcast, if successful, viewers go into excitement, warmed up by various additions embedded in chat that turn payments from part to game. This motivates you to constantly pay tips. There is also competition among the spectators, which is reflected in the amount of tips, the potential for making money at such moments is as great as possible. As on the similar to CAM4 sites, it is possible for a model to publish the so-called “menu” with prices for the proposed shows and a token countdown counter to their start. As a rule, the required amount is collected collectively.
  • Private chat, or CAM4 gold video chat is, as a rule, paid by the minute, the cost is set by the model and can be equal to 6, 12, 18, 30, 60 or 90 tokens for 1 minute. The same model has the ability to allow private chat users only with a certain minimum balance of tokens in their account. For example, a model can allow only a balance of 300 or 700 tokens. This useful feature enables a model to make sure that the viewer is able to pay in private before leaving the free chat and viewers gathered in it. But it is necessary to remember that it does not oblige the private guest to spend all his balance, or keep in the room longer than you, as a viewer, wish. During chat on CAM4, a model can have a choice: whether or not to allow outsiders to spy, as well as to charge for this option 6, 12, 18 or 30. tokens. At the end of the chat, the you will be able to see the video of the chat, available only for viewing from their profile, but not for downloading.
  • Group performance works on the principle of private but with a certain group of viewers. To get started, a model will need from 2 to 5 participants. Prices are also assigned by the model, from 6 to 30 tokens per minute, per viewer.

Among the additional options, similarly to the websites like CAM4, a model can be engaged in selling the content by their authorship and with them to be depicted.
Due to the fact that the CAM4 platform does not prevent or prohibit sharing personal contact information and profiles in social networks with users, the model has the ability to independently set a price and sell their contacts directly from their profile. The same applies to photos and videos of the adult hot content.

Pricing Of The Cam4 Site

The huge evolution of the webcam service by CAM4 is not directly accompanied by the prices’ growth. It means that the pricing is more than simple and can be affordable for the majority of the users. So, let us have a look at the approaches to the cost.

The first aspect to be discussed is the components which impact the pricing.

  • the model can decide how many tokens they would like to obtain when performing; however, the number of tokens would not exceed a certain number (in compliance with the format of the show);
  • the tips you decide on leaving would be determined only by you, so it is up to you to decide if you want to give them tips or not and the amount, as well;
  • the kind of the show would require the different number of tokens to be released.

The second aspect is the number of tokens you are supposed to spend? Depending on the type of the you which you would like to spy on or watch, you can use the following packages of tokens,

  • 12 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy;
  • 18 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy;
  • 24 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy;
  • 24 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy;
  • 30 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy;
  • 30 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy.

Herein, it is necessary to pay attention that the spy function would be reduced in cost by a half. So, if you just want to peep on a model, you can also use this possibility. In addition to this, these prices are varying because the model is likely to determine what number of tokens they would wish to receive.

Is there any chance you could use to gain the CAM4 life tokens? As it is known, the similar platforms ensure that you have such an opportunity. What about CAM4? Yes, there are a couple of moments how to legitimately get those. We are kindly disclosing these facts to you now,

  • frequently, the administration of the platform runs promotions, which guarantee each new member signed up the free tokens packages;
  • the promotions established by the website can be accessible in another way: the promo codes are available from the other websites, so you just need to enable your search engine and find the website, which is currently responsible for the promotions for CAM4;
  • becoming a model for the hot performances is another option. You can also get registered as a model and not only get the tokens for free, but also establish the constant income, since the payouts are real and are based on the transparent basis.

As it is evident, CAM4 stands for the accessibility of the service they work for. By the way, the similar CAM4 reviews, which have been designed to get the users acquainted with the service, point to the fact that the company is not purely aimed at generating the income. Therefore, we can reputably affirm that the pricing approach is more than just brilliant and marvelous.

As we have previously mentioned, the CAM4 platform has numerous options to provide you with even in the free mode, so you will basically not need to pay for the site. You don’t even actually need to get signed up with the site to watch something horny! But—as we also mentioned it—you will be eligible to purchase some tokens to tip the webcam models you watch or to arrange a private webcam show. So, let’s find out the costs for the tokens,

  • you can get 50 tokens bundle for just $9.95;
  • the package of 100 tokens would go you for just $18.99;
  • the 250 tokens package will cost you just $44.95;
  • 500 tokens’ cost is $84.95; and, finally,
  • the biggest package of 1000 tokens will result in the purchase for $159.99.

By the way, when you buy some of the tokens bundles, you will have a chance to save up, for instance,

  • when buying 200 tokens pack, you will save up $5;
  • when you purchase 500 tokens pack, you’ll save up $15; and
  • when you get the 1000 tokens pack, you will save up $40!

So, the pricing approach is quite affordable, and what is great is that you are given an opportunity not to pay extra! Marvelous, right?

Advantages And Disadvantages

Let’s shortly consider the CAM4 online webcams’ advantages and cons. As we can judge for now, the number of the advantages is prevailing! So, it’s even more than great, right? Let’s analyze the pluses, first of all,

  • there is a great plenty of the hottest models for any taste and any sexual preferences;
  • the search engine of the CAM4 gold profile is equipped with the many sorting options, so you will be able to generate the most unbelievable options;
  • the resolution of the equipment is great and you will not ever find any videos shot with the quality lesser than just HD cameras (which is frequently quite impossible with the other CAM4 alternative platforms);
  • good functionality of the platform will deprive you of any irritation and will lead you to the uttermost satisfaction ever;
  • the great choice of tools and options is provided in the free mode of the site (which is also quite complicated to find with the web platforms similar to CAM4);
  • you will have a perfect ability to watch the top webcam models for free;
  • there is also a perfect functioning mobile support, which you can easily get in touch with in order to resolve any issues related to the work of the site.

As for the shortcomings and minuses of the site, Memigo can point out the following ones,

  • There is no ability to have the CAM4 download function, but, in fact, it will sustain the proper security of the models and users;
  • The great plenty of the cams can confuse you if you are just a newcomer, but you will easily deal with it all after a couple of moment, since the search is easily manageable.

Hence, it is quite evident that the quality of the site is perfect, since the number of the cons is lesser than the one of the pros. We’re sure you will enjoy this webcam site even more than any other website like CAM4! However, we have to also analyze the security. Let’s see what we have about it!

So, you will have to know now that there are even more advantages, which would intrigue you to the highest extent. So, what positive advantageous and beneficial features would make you fun?

  • You can always re-watch the videos you liked and even get CAM4 download function;
  • The platform is functional for CAM4 iPhone;
  • The platform is functional for CAM4 Android;
  • As soon as you’re signed up successfully, you will be able to observe the CAM4 info on the models’ profiles with all their preferences;
  • You can always see which CAM4 online models are presented at the moment;
  • Tons of alluring models’ accounts, being active all the time; and
  • About 500+ models going online each time whenever you sign in.

When directing ourselves to the disadvantages, we could, unfortunately, found some. They are extremely tiny, but for the fair examination, we have to inform our readers on those, as well. Hence, the list of cons is here,

  • regardless of the fact that you can easily use the platform for mobile devices, you will not ever find the CAM4 app;
  • due to the super duper great diversity of the profiles presented on the website, you will have some issues to choose a needed room with the stream video.

However, the second point is not actually the shortcoming, since if there had not been any diversity, the website would be dull and uninteresting. Hence, you’d better consider it as the advantage. So, in any case, it is more about the attitude you have.


It should go without saying that the websites like CAM4 should be equipped with the most developed security measures, since the site deals with the adult content. So, what about the security with CAM4?

  • we would give the highest award to the security of CAM4, since you don’t even have to sign up to watch the video rooms, so no data of yours can be collected and, then, shared;
  • the policies of the webcam site in question support the fact that the users’ personal information as well as the details of their actions on the website are to be held in secret;
  • neither of the data you share if you decide to sign up will be ever disclosed.

However, regardless of the perfect level of protection, we would also love to warn you that in case if you don’t want anyone to find out that you use such a service, you would better use the incognito mode of your browser and enable the VPN to hide your real location. It will give the absolute security!

In any case, it is necessary to move forward and discover the features, which are united under the category of security. Is CAM4 secure enough to gratify the convenient stay of the users? Herein, we are sharing our own experience with you to show you if the platform is legit and credible or not.

  • after the first moments of being online with the platform, it is evident that the policies and terms of use are in free access even if you have not managed to register yet;
  • the policies support the principle of legality of the services. It is manifested in the fact that the current laws are mentioned in them;
  • the policies ensure that only adults can go sign up with the services;
  • the payment system is also controlled by the security policies, since the data you insert is known to the agent bank only and is not translated to the employees of CAM4;
  • the questions considering the issues of security can be also discussed with the support team, functioning all around the clock.

In addition to this, we would like to inform you on the additional measures you should follow to ensure your security when using any similar service,

  • never disclose your banking data (including card numbers and passwords);
  • never inform anyone on your home address and phone number;
  • don’t provide the photos of your documentation.

These easy points would absolutely protect you and your privacy data to ensure that you surf the site absolutely safely and, along with this, comfortably.

Quality Of Tools

Maybe, this is because the website has been functioning since 1999, but the tools presented are great, since the reputation and experience of this webcam platform is great. What is more, you will quite hardy ever be able to detect any similar to CAM4 platform, which would have the same perfectly shaped functionality. Memigo has a strong conviction that,

  • you will have the best tools even in the free mode;
  • the tools are characterized by the most sensitive approach, so that you will always have the best search results;
  • the quality of the video (and audio) is nice, since it is HD;
  • the filters used for the search are great and will provide you with the greatest diversity;
  • the chat is built in, and you will be able to communicate with the models (only when you sign up).

As a result, there is actually no point in thinking that CAM4 has any drawbacks of the tools at all. Again, we are more than sure that you will really appreciate this website, and you will have the best impressions ever!

The site is equipped with the tools, which would definitely make it easier to search and watch the cams.

  • registration process is easy and will never cause you to spend more than a couple of minutes;
  • support team connection button works properly and you are always granted to obtain the response within the shortest period of time after you message has been sent and delivered;
  • player to play the online broadcast by the models is supported by the technical group, so they constantly monitor the activity and will guarantee you the best quality;
  • chat system has been added to each video room so that you can be constantly in touch with the model while they are performing in front of their computers.

Overall, the quality of tools can be referred to the proper since it is at the most advanced level.

Quality Of Profiles

The profiles, which you encounter on the site, are all credible and real. It is easy to check by comparing the pics they have uploaded with the video they stream. So, you can have no actually real doubts about the models and their profiles. What is more, you can always read what a particular model (or a group of models) can do and ask for these preferences when a model goes on air. You will see that you will never receive a negative response or any denial. So, you can just abuse the video streams to see that models can perform even more than they promise. The only thing is the proper approach in communication. So, if you’re friendly and generous, you will be able to get even more than you were expecting. Sounds cool, right?

The final thing which Memigo is eager to review is the quality of profiles. Yep, the models’ profiles are also important. The main thing here is to understand in what way the model’s skills and appearance are related to the data listed in the model’s profile. For this, it would be just enough to read the model’s profile out and see a couple of minutes of the very this model’s show in front of the cam. Thus, as for CAM4, we have a strong conviction that the profiles are 100% unique, and you will not have any confusion!

Conclusion of the CAM4 Review

After the examination of the site, we can state that it is one of the best options for everyone who is absolutely for the diversity of the opportunities of the horny choice. In addition to this, CAM4 suits all the criteria we have and meets all the requirements we have when observing the sites of webcam room services.

So, the website like CAM4 are numerous and can also marvel you. You just need to either read our reviews on them or just visit them on your own to evaluate all the nice opportunities of adult character they deliver. So, the similar to CAM4 websites list is as follows,

  • bongacams
  • livejasmin
  • flirt4free
  • camsoda
  • imlive
  • camsiteonline
  • redtube
  • xcams
  • real life cams
  • camarads
  • xhamster
  • myfreecams
  • slutroulette
  • camfuze
  • streamate.

So, we are sure you will be having much adult fun when having signed up with the CAM4 webcam platform since these guys take much care of the users’ comfort!

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