About Camarads

  • the main advantage of the site is that the format is quite unique;
  • the quality of the video is only HD, so you will never encounter any bad quality;
  • there are numerous couples being shot;
  • if you purchase the membership, you will have an opportunity to replay the videos you accessed before;
  • by purchasing the longer period of the membership, you will have some discounts;
  • the pricing is more than affordable;
  • if subscribed, you will be eligible to use the mobile support functioning 24/7;
  • there is a great and differed determination of straight and homosexual couples;
  • the website is quite simple to explore—you just select couples or lofts, and select your cameras;
  • all the models/members are novices, extending from normal to exceedingly appealing regarding looks.

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If you have been tired of the regular classical webcam performances and if you have wanted to have some more experiences, you will be surprised to know that there is quite a brand-new platform of the webcams, which work in an absolutely new way! Camarads is the unique webcam site, where you don’t watch just the shows by the adult webcam models, but you will be the one who is eligible to have access to the life of the people. In other words, this website provides the webcams installed in the models’ rooms and apartments, and you will have a chance to watch the life of the people including their horny experiences.

As a result, the Camarads website is a voyeur cam style website, where couples (and sometimes their companions) live in wired condos or homes, which stream live day in and day out to the site. This format of the webcam shows incorporates everyday exercises, just as all the hot activity that occurs in these appealing and dynamic novices’ regular lives. The site has highlights like most other voyeur-style web destinations, including numerous visitor/free feeds (with the more alluring cams, for example, like the rooms, they will require you to have signed up), 24 hour replay for individuals registered, and a few different advantages.

So, what is known about the website? Memigo has discovered some important details, which will help us make the final decision about the Camarads website. So, let’s see it,

  • The site has always been possessed by Caspa Ltd.;
  • The address of the company as well as the address to which the website has been registered is P.O. Box 0823-03411, PA, Panama, Panama;
  • The geolocation of the site is FR (France), B4, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, N/A Roubaix;
  • It shows up they might be fused inside the UK, however debates are settled under the laws of Belize per the terms and conditions on the site, and the facilitating is situated in France, so it is a touch of an open inquiry, in the same way as other comparable web platform possession;
  • The site was propelled in 2017;
  • The expiry date of the site is 2020;
  • The phone number of the Camarads website is +5-078-36-55-03;
  • It is most mainstream in Germany, where around 20% of its traffic originates from, positioning in the best 4,000 there, just as being in the best 10,000 or better inside the UK, France, and Italy.

You have already seen sites of this kind! You already know the concept and you like it! You already spend some dough on it! Why not? There is sex from real life, 24-hour sex in real time and real conditions. You get the opportunity to see non-stop couples who are engaged in what they have to do at home, and of course, we mean the xxx webcam videos in the form of sexual intercourse between lovers and sometimes their friends join them, as well. So, you will be able to experience the most diverse types of the sexual preferences! Do you understand what we are talking about here? We think so! You are a smart guy!

So, what are the principles of the work of the Camarads website?

  • Right away on the main page, you will find several locations (apartments) and a choice of several pairs;
  • Access to some of them is absolutely free, while the others would require you a subscription, and, as a result, the payment;
  • The free cams of the rooms of the couples serve a function of the demo version of what you could have after the registration;
  • What you see for free of cost is enough for you to clearly understand what is waiting for you, so that you will immediately reach out for your wallet, figuratively speaking;
  • The access to the rooms is not that much expensive; It will cost you a few dollars, and we will inform you on this in more detail in the next section;
  • Yes, you spend more on booze and whitefish! Of course, you also need them, but you can opt out of a couple of packs or bottles of beer, to have some fun with Camarads.com;
  • In addition to this, let us tell you that all the webcams are there in HD, so a crystal clear image of what is happening in the room is waiting for you;
  • All the girls are hot, and they really like to show themselves in solo mode or with their partners in front of the webcam;
  • Because of this, the webcams would go of interest to both straight and homosexual users;
  • Of course, they do it to entertain you and earn money, but isn’t it all? As long as they actually deliver, as if they are doing it for their own sake, while no one is watching, everything is perfect.

Memigo would love to say that the concept of this site is not new, but it is not outdated! What is more, this format is quite unique, and this is regardless of the fact that there are a lot of the webcam sites. If you have not enjoyed it yet, you must try it. This site will give you pure pleasure hour after hour, access to which you will get directly from your cozy home! Isn’t it a thrill to watch how other people live, how they f— to the rate of insanity, and the like?

What are some of the features of the website? What should you expect the site to provide you with after you sign up and release the payment? The highlights of the site are entirely standard for any of these voyeur-style live cam gushing locales, and are generally straightforward and easy to use. They include,

  • Both a visual program of cam sustains just as a rundown of couples/condos and every camera accessible, both free and premium;
  • The full screen video streams, which are great quality with the expectation of complimentary clients and HD for premium individuals;
  • The course of events style access to the 24 hour replay work;
  • 24 hour replay include for individuals, enabling you to look over and watch hot activity from the previous 24 hours that you may have missed (except if you’re stuck to the site day in and day out);
  • The news and updates when new couples or individuals join, individuals leave, advancements are accessible, upkeep personal time, etc.;
  • The versatile site access enables individuals to monitor their preferred members in a hurry;
  • The site is really clear as crystal, and like most other voyeur cam destinations.

The fundamental video feed is on the left, with a right-side board offering thumbnail sneak peaks of different cameras, just as a rundown of couples/lofts and the cameras accessible for each. Underneath the primary video feed you’ll discover a course of events for exploring through the 24 hour replay (for individuals just), just as the capacity to flip through streams and cameras straightforwardly there. You’ll likewise discover thumbnails from the course of events covering the most recent 24 hours on all feeds from all members, permitting you bounce legitimately to whatever piece of the stream highlights hot and hot activity.

Thus, Memigo has a strong conviction that the functionality and the features of the site will surely provide you with the nicest experiences. So, you will have the most unbelievable relax, when watching the daily life of the models performing live!

Camarads sex live cams platform is a paradise for those who are in fond of peeping on how the models chosen get satisfaction and for those who love getting satisfaction by watching risqué content. What is more, each user is eligible to discover the biggest diversity of the active profiles, filled with the most alluring explicit content.

The numerous categories which are presented on the site for indulgence of the needs are accompanied by the nice features. Let us discover those now,

  • hot content is divided into the category for more convenience;
  • the users only can choose whose show is to be watched;
  • the content is paid; however, it does not cost much;
  • the website is well equipped with the most contemporary tools, which would help the viewers navigate the platform;
  • the video streams are usually of the best quality because the models’ equipment is great to broadcast the best video quality;
  • each user can chat with the models in order to communicate their feedback and desires;
  • the payment system, which the platform is equipped with, is user friendly follows all the requirements to the safe payments;
  • the security is ensured by the policies for the users’ protection when they go online.

These features have been added up in order to satisfy each member and provide the most appealing opportunities to everyone who has signed up.

What other features are possible with Camarads platform?

  • two types of profiles are available: the free of cost one and the premium one;
  • the premium account is a prepaid function (the pricing is going to be discussed a bit later);
  • the features being available to the unauthorized users are of limited character, so upgrade you will need to purchase a premium account;
  • the chats and search are available for the premium users only.

Therefore, the characteristics of the Camarads web platform are to be considered as the engaging ones and would definitely guarantee the most unbelievable impressions. The only thing you will need to do is to sign up with the service and get everything which is almost impossible in real life. For now, we can fairly claim that the service is well designed and will definitely bring you to the uttermost satisfaction. So, be amongst the most happy and successful ones, who gain gratification out of the models’ actions in front of the cams. Don’t waste your time and discover the most alluring opportunities you have ever wanted to get!


Here’s a bit of what you get when you subscribe on the payment basis,

  • you will save money if you use longer subscriptions (30 days, 90 days, 180 days);
  • you will receive the best video quality of 1080p image quality (FullHD);
  • you will also have the mobile device support;
  • in the paid mode, you will be eligible to have access to 85 cameras, full-screen mode, webcam preview, and 24-hour access to repeat the broadcast.

Could this be the reason? There are many things that should make you think about switching to premium!

Dissimilar to certain web platforms that have numerous dimensions of paid membership enrollment, Camarads keeps it straightforward. You’re either a free/visitor without a record, or a premium, buying in part with access to everything.

The majority of the real site highlights, including full access to all cameras, 1080p HD format, no publicizing, portable site highlights, and the 24 hour replay usefulness all require a participation. Enrollments are commonly more affordable here than a large portion of the other top voyeur cam destinations, likely in light of the general freshness of the administration contrasted with a portion of the more veteran locales, so you get a decent arrangement on cost relatively.

So, it is now the time to consider the pricing tariffs to the services of this marvelous platform. Thus, participations/memberships can be acquired with credit or charge card just at present.

So, there are three essential packages to choose between,

  • The 30 days www.camarads.com package would cost you just $29.90, and this is just $1.00 per day;
  • The 90 Days www.camarads.com special package will go for just $74.70, and the cost of the day in this pack is just $0.83;
  • The 180 Days of the paid www.camarads.com membership would go for $119.40 with the daily cost of just $0.67.

So, you can really see that all the features, which the www.camarads.com is equipped with do really cost the money to invest. What is more, the pricing for the services by Camarads.com are the most affordable in comparison to all the other webcam platforms.

Due to the fact that the system does not require you to utilize the tokens, which are usually presented to spend for the models’ shows, there is only the cost of subscription. So, what it gives you if you get registered with the site?

  • if you prepay for the membership, you unlock all the benefits and positive features;
  • the access to the shows is never limited so the premium users will always be able to get self indulgence regardless of time of the day;
  • you will never be exposed to the ads;
  • you can guide the models to make them behave in the way you like;
  • you can turn into the model as well;
  • you can use your camera to work in the format of cam to cam.

These perfect opportunities would definitely make you feel over satisfied by the models’ shows. The pricing approach is comprised of the following aspects,

  • the membership price is comprised of the period to have the service used;
  • the payment amount does not limit your actions and the functions to be at your disposal;
  • the payment amount guarantees you the unlimited watching time.

Thus, we have gradually moved to the prices to be expected on the site,

  • one month of unlimited membership would go just for $29.90; while
  • if you decide on purchasing the 6 months pack, you will be able to save up about 40%, since in this case you monthly payment would not exceed $19.90.

So, it seems obvious that the cost is actually normal as for the industry, so you can get deprived of any doubts and dive in the ocean of gratification.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Website

Regardless of the fact that the Camarads webcam platform is a relative beginner and a unique service in the voyeur cam field, the tariffs are less expensive than the greater part of their rivals. What is more, Camarads.com has a cool number of models—some different web platforms have some more, while some of them can possess even less. Models are genuinely attractive, and there’s a ton of nakedness and activity that goes down on some random day. The primary downsides are time zone/area based, with every one of the members being in Eastern Europe, with constrained or no English expressed. The heap time of streams is somewhat discernible for US-based people—and might be laggy with buffering relying upon your area and the stream, while, in fact, some of the cams appear to work fine, while others have delays and load at regular intervals or so in our audit. Furthermore, similar to all voyeur cam destinations, all the great stuff costs cash, as a participation. In general, however, the to some degree lower cost of enrollment here, in addition to no extra costs required, mean for a spending limit touchy buyer searching for HD voyeur content, Camarads is unquestionably worth thought. Simply look at the free cams first, to confirm that everything is functioning admirably and slack free for you dependent on your area. In any case, there are some more pros and cons of the website, and Memigo is here to let you better understand them to have an ability to compare everything. So, we will show you first the pros of the web platform,

  • the main advantage of the site is that the format is quite unique;
  • the quality of the video is only HD, so you will never encounter any bad quality;
  • there are numerous couples being shot;
  • if you purchase the membership, you will have an opportunity to replay the videos you accessed before;
  • by purchasing the longer period of the membership, you will have some discounts;
  • the pricing is more than affordable;
  • if subscribed, you will be eligible to use the mobile support functioning 24/7;
  • there is a great and differed determination of straight and homosexual couples;
  • the website is quite simple to explore—you just select couples or lofts, and select your cameras;
  • all the models/members are novices, extending from normal to exceedingly appealing regarding looks.

Hence, it is more than clear that the website possesses innumerable benefits for the regular users, and you will be surprised to have it all at once as soon as you get signed up and release your first payment. But we also need to know if there are any drawbacks. So, are there any disadvantages? Unfortunately, yes, but they are not that cruel,

  • The majority of the models cannot be found in North or South America, Africa, Asia, or Oceania at present; (however, we are sure that the website will enlarge their database);
  • The majority of the streams don’t communicate in English, so it’s not in every case simple to recognize what’s happening (in the event that you care about more than the sex some portion of things);
  • The Premium participation is required for survey all the great stuff, including the 24 hour replay, access to room cams, and so on and so forth; and
  • There could be more highlights, true to life data, and different things of that nature to balance the experience.

As you might have already noticed, these shortcomings are quite not that serious, and they would barely hardly ever irritate you or spoil your attitude about the website. In any case, we would love to pay some more attention to the other aspects of the current review, since there are some significant points to have analyzed.

  • every user is bestowed unlimited cam shows by the most exquisite models of the various choice options;
  • the tools which have been run on the platform are utilized for the users’ more convenience;
  • active accounts broadcast the live performances on the constant basis so that each member will never get dull;
  • the type of the show to be watched is initially chosen by the member in consistency with their preferences;
  • the user is eligible to invite a model to a private show to enjoy their show;

the law regulates the actions by the administration of the platform and ensures the proper support of the users’ rights.

Among this diversity of the pros, it would be necessary to take a glance at the possible cons encountered when surfing the platform. Are there any? How are they significant?

  • The first most evident shortcoming is the lack of the app;
  • the second point is the overwhelming diversity of the categories, so one can get confused.

So, it seems obvious that the cons are not paramount and cannot dramatically spoil your stay online with Camarads. So, be ready to enjoy the most versatile opportunities and advantages! Just start it and you will never regret it!


As a user of the Camarads.com site, you will be eligible to encounter the best and the most efficient principles of the security, which will surely make your stay online with the web platform even more comfortable,

  • if we first consider the free of price mode, you can really understand that you don’t even need to get subscribed, so you do not insert any personal data;
  • because of this, neither of your personal data can be disclosed to the third parties;
  • in case of the registration, you do not communicate anything special like your real address or phone number, since with Camarads.com you will need to type in your email (which can be new);
  • when you watch the cams, you are know known to the models, and, what is more, no one would track your activities on the website, so there is no one, who would know what is happening;
  • for more security of yours (if you don’t want your family to know that you peep on the webcams), you are welcome to use the VPN apps and get access to the website via the incognito mode of your browser.

Memigo has a conviction that the Camarads sex webcams are safe, and no one will ever know that you use the service until you inform someone by yourself about this fact.

We could also leave you some tips on how to get even more protected and how the website ensures these ways,

  • in compliance with the policies of the Camarads website, you are guaranteed to have the utter security;
  • the site functions in compliance with the current law, and, thus, you will never come across the rooms with the models whose age is under 18, so that you will never break the law;
  • try not to save your password and nickname to your PC or mobile device, so that no one else could know that you are a member of this Camarads webcam platform.

Thus, if you follow these easy rules, you will succeed in gaining the most desired satisfaction and, as a result, you will never be disclosed!

The measures, which the security online is provided by, are of great importance, for they determine the success of the satisfaction and tranquility of the user. It means that in order to feel protected, the user is to be ensured that the actions they commit are never disclosed to the third parties.

So, what guarantees can be given to each user in case of signing up with Camarades? We are going to show you everything! Have a nice trip on the security measures,

  • first off, the actions you perform on the site would never be disclosed to the other persons;
  • secondly, the chats of yours will never be used by the third parties;
  • thirdly, the users are also secured by the most current laws;
  • fourthly, the support team ensures the constant assistance to each user in case of any inquiries.

That is why we can consider that the security measures by Camarades would definitely protect you and will prevent you from any scam or harm. So, just enjoy the service in order to obtain everything you have been lusting for!

Quality of Tools

In fact, the quality of tools performs an important role, for any site like camarads should be easy to use and, along with this, it has to provide the users with the content of the needed character and nature. What about the tools on this website?

  • because of the specifics of the webcams, which work 24/7, there are not that many tools to utilize, and it is actually another advantage, for you will not have to waste much time to get how the site works and what you get with a particular tool;
  • when you enable the Camarads search, you will have some filters, but they are not that diverse, however, they work properly and will surely let you grab what you have come for;
  • the quality of the video, as we mentioned, is perfect, and it is so for both free mode and premium one;
  • in case if you need help with the site’s functionality or if you need to resolve some issues related to the work of the website, you’re most welcome to get in touch with the support team;
  • the work of support team is great and they will immediately assist you with all the questions you could have about the work of the web platform.

Memigo would refer this approach to the quality of tools by Camarads to the most exquisite, for the site is not overloaded with the a bunch of the unnecessary features, which do not let you focus on the process of viewing the desired webcams. Thus. we do really like the idea of the website and the way the tools function.

Along with the security measures, when reviewing the platforms for adults, we pay attention to the quality. The first aspect is the quality of tools which are at users’ disposal. So, what stands behind the tools?  How would you utilize them? What impression did we receive when utilizing the tools?

  • the search engine which have been enabled for the users comfort and successful finding of the most suitable and preferred cam rooms;
  • the search has been designed in such a way that the user, on the one hand, sees all the diversity of the categories, and, on the other hand, observes the cam rooms and models;
  • each user can visit the models’ profiles and decide if the models’ preferences go in consistency with their ones;
  • the system to get registered is also nicely created and ensures that the user will not have to spend much time to get in.

Hence, the tools you are given to utilize are not overloaded with the unnecessary functions. Oppositely, you will be definitely delighted by the opportunities, which you receive to get the most alluring gratification.

Quality of Profiles

When it comes to the profiles on Camarads, as we have also mentioned it, the only drawback is that some of the rooms would be needed to be run in North or South America, Africa, Asia, or Oceania. This is mainly because there is a great demand for the very these regions. However, in reality, the profiles are already numerous, and you will have a wide choice of them after you sign up. What is more, the scenery of the rooms is nice and you will encounter the real people to peep on. Hence, Memigo believes that whenever you pick up a particular video room, you can expect the real life people, live stream of the video in the format of the real time. In other words, you will never be showed the recordings (except the cases when you want to replay a particular moment or a peculiar room to watch it again). Hence, Memigo is happy to announce that you will definitely get accustomed to this website and you will fall in love with all of the rooms to watch!

The quality which we expect from the profiles is to be at the highest level, for they are supposed to lead the members to the most unbelievable senses. So what do the profiles guarantee you? What is their quality?

  • The profiles are equipped with all the necessary data about the models in order to understand if this model suits your needs;
  • the profiles contain photos of the performers and the viewers can get acquainted with the models’ appearances;
  • the photos of models in their profiles correspond to the video so only real models are possible with Camarades;
  • the horny profiles only presented so that you will not need to persuade anyone.

We can see that the profiles and their quality are super great and they will never get you disenchanted. So, be sure to grab everything!


To sum it all up, we have to make an emphasis on the fact that the platform is deprived of any cons indeed so you can feel absolutely safe to use it. What is more, we can guarantee that the safety is provided and the pleasure is granted. So, be sure to collect your all gratification and timely become a user to have time to see all the video rooms presented!

In case if you would wish to have even more opportunities, you are always lucky to check out the recommendations by us to provide yourself with even more self-indulgence. So, check out the following similar cam sites,

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