Terms of Use

The present document has been designed in order to look out for the users’ rights and to look upon the legal regulations, which settle for the present laws. The current Terms of Use are made up of certain parts, which are to keep up users’ successful and protected stay online with Memigo Ltd. Before using the website by Memigo Ltd. you are called for seeing the policies through and fall in with them to have your experiences kept up.

1. Cookies. The specially designed smallest parts of the text called for collecting your personal data whenever you break into the usage of the service exclusively presented by Memigo Ltd.

1.1. The cookies technologies by Memigo Ltd. have been elaborated in order not to tell against users’ proper pastime with the services;

1.2. The policies on cookies are democratic and need the user’s agreement on holding with;

1.3. A user is eligible to have the cookies policies as well as Memigo Ltd.’s website worn out;

1.4. Before utilizing the Memigo Ltd.’s  website and its functions, one has to settle for the cookies policies being run through;

1.5. A user is eligible to contact the Support Team working around the clock in order to do oneself out of the possible misunderstanding.

1.6. It is necessary to tell the different websites’ cookies policies apart when being an eligible user/member of Memgo Ltd.

1.7. The cookies policies are monitored and turned around exclusively by Memigo Ltd.’s management to absolutely correspond to the legal regulations of a particular period.

2. Certain modes to have the services and website by Memigo Ltd. used including the measures  to keep down.

2.1. The website(s) under Memigo Ltd.’s authorship can be used by the eligible users in any mode possible, which does not go apart from the current law;

2.2. The website(s) under Memigo Ltd.’s authorship as well as the separate pages can be shared, printed, and screened by the users without violating the current copyright law and legal regulations;

2.3. In case if any text or pictures being under the Memigo Ltd.’s authorship can be reproduced by direct copying from the website by Memigo Ltd.; however, the authorship should be mentioned. Otherwise, this action would be looked upon as an illegal wrongdoing and would be taken into account in compliance with the present law;

2.4. The usage of the functions presented by under Memigo Ltd.’s authorship is permitted only to the actual members after having the services settled up beforehand. It means that the pre-paid method of the services’ usage is utilized exclusively;

2.5. By utilizing the feedback button(s), a user is eligible to provide their feedback based on making of;

2.6. The feedback can be provided by contacting the Support Team working around the clock for Memigo Ltd.;

2.7. By getting in touch with the Memigo Ltd.’s Support Team a user is supposed to resolve any issues to turn out at any time within the membership status being active.

3. Restrictions.

3.1. Each user of Memigo Ltd. is extremely kept down from copying, picturring, or sharing the chats’ contents, since it violates the other users’ privacy;

3.2. Neither of the users of Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) can use the information and contents being under Memigo Ltd.’s authorship in case if this violates the current law(s) or legal regulation(s);

3.3. Neither of the users of Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) can hurt, offend, or impose any negative actions to (an)other user(s) by chatting with them in an improper manner;

3.4. Neither of the users of Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) can do down the presence of (an)other user(s) by chatting with them in an improper manner;

3.5. Neither of the users of Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) can conduct any fraudulent activities, which either violate the current law(s) and legal regulation(s) or (an)other user(s)’ rights and freedoms.

4. Possible changes in policies to fall in with.

4.1. The changes to the present Terms of Use of the Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) can and will turn out on the regular reason whenever the legislation is being modified or somehow changed;

4.2. The change (or modification of any kind) of the present Terms of Use of the Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) takes place in an unilateral manner only;

4.3. The user are informed properly whenever the modification or change of the current policies turn out.  

4. Predominant aims and intentions of using the cookies.

5.1. The cookies are to be used to collect and analyzed the Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) users’ data to see the nature of the users through;

5.2. The cookies are enabled as soon as a user permits on using those by Memigo Ltd.’s service(s) exclusively;

5.3. The Memigo Ltd. as a cookies collector ensures and guarantees the absolute and overwhelming non-disclosure of any information of the Memigo Ltd.’s service(s)’ users;

5.4. The cookies are generally utilized by Memigo Ltd. just in order to evaluate the quality of the target audience in order to extend the market and economic possibilities of the company.